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New beginnings for Creative Carpentry

A father, mother, daughter, son and a dog. The five of us learning to balance carpentry, homeschooling, gardening, cooking from scratch, crafting, music, adventure and now, a website and blog. This year will be full of new happenings for us as a family, and as individuals, which I am hoping to share with you as they unfold.

Thanks for coming to read about the workings and the progressing adventures of our little family unit.


We visit Menards more than any store (JoAnn's Fabric is a close second). I can hear Amaya singing their theme song to herself in her room every single day. I think it's safe to say, she'll hold her own when it comes to home repairs when she's older.

Checking out the pneumatic pin nailer on dad's list. 'Yeah momma, I can work this thing!'

So many ideas and a huge amount of zest for trying things on her own. It's so fun to give her the room and opportunity for creativity and expirement. That does, however, call for a lot of redirecting to save our house,

'Yes it would be neat to duct tape your bed and blankets to the wall so it feels

like a nest, that is a very creative idea! So how about we collect some sticks

later and make a nest in the backyard instead.....' :o

Like father like daughter

As excited as she gets when she checks out the tools with us and helps collect materials for the next job, nothing beats the allure of glittery pens with feathers- which are equally as important as a pneumatic pin nailer. Excited to start the next project and so very thankful Amay has such a desire to create with us.

'Fuzzy pens are important tools too mom'



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