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Who gives a crap? Well, we do. Having an office, we go through a fair amount of paper products- toilet paper, paper towels and tissue being a few of them. We wanted to see if we could reduce our impact by either sourcing locally produced products, companies that use recycled materials or reduced their carbon footprint. What we found was a company that uses recycled materials, is B CORP™ CERTIFIED FOR ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT, has carbon neutral shipping and donates 50% of their profits to helping to provide clean water and sanitation to everyone. They have donated about 7.3 million dollars to date! The cost is quite comparable to supermarket toilet paper options, so it truly felt like a no brainer for us. Even if we did end up paying just a bit more, it would be worth it to us for the effort we can make in being more intentional with our consumerism in this world.

We chose the following for our office:

100% Recycled Toilet Paper . It's made from 100% recycled fibers that they source locally from schools and office buildings. And they give you a reminder roll with a helpful message for when you're running low. So thoughtful.

Forest Friendly Tissues and Forest Friendly Paper Towels Tissue manufacturers are in the business of deforestation and Who Gives A Crap isn't in the business of killing trees, so they chose to use the sustainable resource of Bamboo. Bamboo is sustainable because it is a grass which grows very quickly, therefore they are using less land, less water, and have no need to clear acres of trees that they won't be able to replace. They also don't use any inks, dyes and scents because, really, you don't need it to be a certain color or scent to clean up a spill or a sniffle.

Take a look at their website and join us in making more intentional choices!


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