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Meet The Team



CoFounder &
Head of Operations

With over two decades of experience in the carpentry trade, Zeke has a diverse background that includes establishing and selling a thriving Twin Cities business, EZ Home Solutions, back in 2006.

In 2015, Zeke co-founded HyggeHus, previously named Creative Carpentry, fueled by his passion for the creative aspects and potential of construction projects. His aspirations involve constructing distinctive, environmentally conscious small homes. As a father of two, as well as an enthusiastic dog and nature aficionado, Zeke seamlessly integrates his love for family and the outdoors into his entrepreneurial ventures and overall business vision. In his spare time, Zeke also channels his creative energy as a member of a reggae/rock band, infusing his love for music into his diverse array of passions and pursuits.



CoFounder &
Creative Director

Shelley is a co-founder and Creative Director of HyggeHus. With a unique perspective that emphasizes a more holistic approach, she is committed to fostering a deeper connection between her company and its clients. Shelley's commitment to creating mindful homes that cultivate a sense of connection and serenity showcases her unique approach in the field.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Shelley is a devoted mother who chooses to homeschool her children. She strives for a balanced lifestyle that extends beyond work, frequently found tending to her family's chickens and garden, embracing a sustainable and grounded way of living. Creating spaces that embody warmth, harmony, and mindfulness is what inspires her as an entrepreneur in the remodeling industry.



Head Designer

Kenzie, an  Interior Design graduate, finds immense satisfaction in witnessing the transformations that bring joy to homeowners. Beyond work, she can be found exploring the outdoors and embarking on spontaneous adventures. One of her most notable travel memories is her visit to Sequoia National Park. Kenzie cherishes both sunrises and sunsets and is an enthusiastic plant lover and aspiring skilled plant keeper, she is dedicated to nurturing her botanical companions. Kenzie is passionate about training show dogs, adding another layer of expertise and passion to her diverse range of interests and talents. Lastly, she proudly declares her allegiance as a devoted Green Bay Packers fan. 



Projects Coordinator

Prior to embarking into the construction industry, Carolyn had acquired proficiency in diverse industries, earning her the title of 'Jacqueline-of-Various-Trades.’ For over a decade of that time, she pursued a career in agriculture. Seeing farming as a potential bridge between environmental and public health, she apprenticed on a couple of organic seed-saving farms--from eastern Canada to the California fields--before co-starting a small farm in good ol’ Illinois. About two years ago, Carolyn’s attention pointed towards HyggeHus. Their mission to create intentional and grounding spaces, coupled with the challenge of learning a new world and finding order within it, piqued her curiosity. During her leisure time, when not engrossed in overseeing the multifaceted intricacies of a remodeling undertaking, she avidly engages in activities such as traversing the Superior Trail and spending time with loved ones. 



Office Administrator / Bookkeeper

With a career in accounting that dates back to 2013, my professional journey began with a passion for fashion design. However, over time, I realized that my strengths leaned more towards the analytical side than the creative, which steered me towards the field of accounting. A graduate of UW Green Bay, I have honed my expertise by working in both public accounting where I specialized in tax preparation and on the private side where I assisted small businesses with their financial needs. Beyond numbers, my interests extend to reading and indulging in video games during leisure moments.

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Projects Supervisor



Lead Carpenter

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Lead Carpenter

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