Zeke Fricke

Founder and Head of Operations 

Zeke has more than 15 years in the carpentry trade, including building and selling a successful Twin Cities business in 2006 (EZ Home Solutions).

Co-Founding HyggeHus in 2015, formerly known as Creative Carpentry, he is driven by the creative projects and possibilities of building, with plans to build unique, small and eco conscious homes around the world. Father of two, an avid dog and nature lover, Zeke takes his love of family and the outdoors into his vision of business.

Shelley Furlong

Founder and Creative Director

Shelley has over 6 years of experience in managing an office and crew. Her interest in eco friendly homes and decreasing our footprint on the earth has developed a love for tiny house living and utilitarian and naturalistic design. When not working, she can be found crafting with her two kids and thinking up the next big idea with Zeke. 

Lance, Caleb, Jesse, Asa, Zacc, and Caspar

Crew/Team Members

We will be updating this area to showcase all of our employees. Stay tuned for more information. 





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