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Making Notes


Initially we meet and become acquainted with you and your project. We'll walk through the space to look at possibilities and listen intently to ensure we're hearing what your needs and expectations are for your space. You can buy a table for $80 at Walmart or $6,000 at Restoration Hardware. The perfect table varies from person to person and is achieved through a balance of cost, function, and aesthetic. 
The reason we start with the budget is to see if it will support the wish list (needs and expectations).
We will take the information from our meeting and create a feasibility study for you.If it aligns with your intended budget, we move on to the PreConstruction Agreement. 

(To get a general idea on pricing, check out our pricing page for Kitchens and Bathrooms)

PreConstruction - Design It / Quote It

Traditionally, a client brings their idea to an architect and/or designer who gathers the client’s hopes, style preferences, and overall vision and then draws “the dream.” This architectural drawing (or series of) then goes to the builder, who assigns costs to the plans and ultimately comes up with the price. From there, the scope of work is either accepted or tweaked to fit the budget. As a Design & Build Firm, we serve as a hybrid between the two industries. We take the dreaming side of designing and architecture and the reality of building costs and meld the two processes together to end with a project that suits your needs, desires and budget.

Design It 

The first step in Pre-Construction is the "Dream it stage" and is where we get a full picture of what you are hoping for in both the layout and all the fine details with a general idea of cost in mind. Through a Pinterest collaboration, we can fully understand your aesthetics and ideas. Once the ideas are gathered, we send it back through an estimating filter to see how far we have dreamed beyond the original budget. The dreaming stage can be super exciting and always yields a lot of ideas, but also generally leaves us over budget. To solve for this, we sift through the ideas and decide which ones are must haves, nice to have and can let go. From here, allowances in selections will be introduced.

Our design team will work in cooperation with you to come up with the best balance between ideas and budget. 

Quote It

The quoting process starts with the feasibility study which is a loose guess. As the design is developed, allowances will be suggested, selections will be offered and we'll have a more accurate understanding of the developing costs. Only when the design is finished, can we count the parts and price out everything precisely to give you an exact quote.  

After the design is done and the final project is quoted, it gets presented as a complete package, including; 3D renderings, construction documents, a detailed description of the scope of work, and an exact price for the work to be done.  At this point we can either move straight to the Remodeling Contract or we can stop. Either way, you will be given copies of the plans and conceptual drawings, our quote, and any other special preparations that we made on your behalf. If you decide not to move forward with HyggeHus, then we keep the fee for services rendered. If you do proceed with us, 100% of the fee will be put towards your downpayment. That is how much we value thorough PreConstruction planning.


Build It

We keep you informed of all pertinent information through our construction management software. You can access daily job logs that show progress along with photos. You can email us directly and keep track of all conversations in one succinct location. You can access the schedule for your project and see both real time progress, as well as knowing what is coming up. This is especially helpful if you are ever out of town during a remodel, you will be well informed on the daily progress.  

The project will end with a final walk-through with you and HyggeHus owners, Zeke and Shelley, to ensure mutual satisfaction. We will have a photoshoot with pictures that we'll post on our website and present to you in an online album to use for your own sharing with friends and family. We are excited to build your project!

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