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The hands that built.

I shared this a while ago but hadn't put it into a blog and was feeling a strong connection to the story of the hands that bring our vision to life and wanted to give them credit again.

How often do you look closely at the carved trim on your walls or the spindles encasing your porch and wonder, who were the hands that sculpted these details? If you could go back to that moment in time, and see the nicks across their knuckles, dust covered skin, and tendons straining from their effort, what story would you learn? Where did they come from and on what journey have they been? The texture of their skin would be like whispers of the past. Can you hear them? What do they share? The scars they’ve earned, the experience they have gained, and the story only they could tell. These are the hands that held that trim, those spindles, and built the sanctuary you come home to every day.

Give those hands a moment of your time and find appreciation for the story behind them.


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