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Bathroom Designer St Paul MN

Introduction to HyggeHus

Welcome to HyggeHus, where we believe that the foundation of a happy home is not just in its design but in the warmth and well-being it brings to those who live there. Specializing as a bathroom designer in St Paul MN, our passion lies in creating spaces that embody the essence of Hygge - a Danish concept that represents a cozy, charming, or special feeling. Based in Saint Paul, MN, we offer comprehensive design, construction, and renovation services with a focus on residential interiors and exteriors.

Our Philosophy

At HyggeHus, we understand that true happiness comes from the energy of your heart aligning with your surroundings. Whether it's renovating an old bathroom or creating a new, serene space, our team is committed to bringing your vision to life. With a dedication to innovative designs and quality craftsmanship, we ensure every project we undertake is a step towards creating a home that reflects your personality and lifestyle.

Why Choose Us as Your Bathroom Designer

Choosing the right bathroom designer St Paul MN can be daunting. Here at HyggeHus, we take pride in our unique approach to design and construction. Our expertise in crafting bathrooms that are not only functional but also a refuge of comfort and style sets us apart. We believe in providing personalized service, ensuring that each project reflects the individual preferences and needs of our clients.

Services Offered

Our services extend beyond traditional bathroom design to include kitchen renovations, exterior makeovers, and innovative additions. We are a licensed building contractor (BC715705), which means we adhere to the highest standards of quality and professionalism. From initial concept to project completion, our team is dedicated to ensuring a seamless and satisfying renovation experience.

Our Design Process

Initial Consultation

We begin with a heart-to-heart conversation to understand your desires, lifestyle, and the essence of what you want your space to convey. This initial consultation is crucial in setting the stage for designing a bathroom that truly reflects your personality.


Conceptual Design

Based on our initial discussions, we create a conceptual design, offering a variety of options and solutions. This phase allows us to refine our ideas to align with your vision, ensuring that the end result is both beautiful and functional.

Final Design and Construction

Once the design is finalized, our skilled craftsmen bring the vision to life. We ensure that every detail is meticulously executed, maintaining open communication with you throughout the construction phase.

The Impact of Thoughtful Bathroom Design

A well-designed bathroom does more than just serve its functional purpose; it can significantly enhance your daily routine and overall well-being. As experts in bathroom designer St Paul MN, we focus on creating spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also imbue a sense of peace and tranquility. Through thoughtful design, we transform ordinary bathrooms into spaces of retreat and relaxation.

What Clients Say About Us

  • "HyggeHus transformed our outdated bathroom into a luxurious spa-like retreat. Their attention to detail and commitment to quality were evident throughout the process."

  • "The team at HyggeHus understood our vision from the start. They were professional, creative, and incredibly easy to work with."

Ready to Begin Your Transformation?

If you're considering a bathroom renovation or any home design project, we invite you to reach out to us. Let's explore the possibilities together. Contact us at or 651-344-6014 and start your journey towards a home that brings you joy and contentment every day.

If you're seeking a bathroom designer St Paul MN that prioritizes quality, innovation, and personalized service, look no further than HyggeHus. Our dedicated team is eager to work with you to bring your dream bathroom or home project to life, ensuring that every detail reflects your personal style and meets your functional needs. Let us help you create a space where you can truly feel the essence of Hygge.

How much does a bathroom remodel cost in MN?

Remodeling a bathroom in Minnesota can vary widely in cost, depending on several factors such as the size of your bathroom, the extent of the remodel, the materials you choose, and whether you're making structural changes or updating the fixtures. On average, homeowners might spend anywhere. Remember, the essence of creating a space that reflects the hygge lifestyle involves not just the aesthetics but also the functionality and feeling your bathroom evokes, which might influence where you decide to invest your budget.

How much does it cost to redesign a small bathroom?

Redesigning a small bathroom in St. Paul, MN, or anywhere for that matter, can often be less expensive than tackling a larger space, due to reduced materials cost and potentially less complex spatial considerations. However, don't underestimate the costs due to the bathroom's small size. Depending on the quality of materials and fixtures you choose, and whether any plumbing alterations are needed, you could be looking at anywhere for a complete overhaul. At HyggeHus, we emphasize making the most of your space to create a cozy, functional, and personal sanctuary that aligns with your vision and budget.

What is the most expensive thing about a bathroom remodel?

The most expensive part of a bathroom remodel typically involves moving plumbing and making structural changes. These types of modifications require professional help from both plumbers and contractors to ensure everything is up to code. Additionally, high-quality fixtures and finishes can significantly increase the overall cost. Choosing materials that embody the hygge philosophy of comfort and simplicity, while also prioritizing durability and style, can help manage costs without compromising on the feel and functionality of your space.

Does Home Depot help design bathrooms?

Yes, Home Depot offers services to assist with bathroom design. They provide both in-store consultations and online tools to help customers visualize their new space. However, while Home Depot can be a great resource for materials and basic design advice, working with a specialized bathroom designer like HyggeHus can provide a more tailored and personal experience. Our expertise in crafting spaces that balance functionality with the Danish concept of hygge means we focus on creating a bathroom that's not just beautiful but also promotes well-being and joy.

How does HyggeHus ensure a bathroom remodel embodies hygge?

At HyggeHus, we begin each project with a consultation to deeply understand your desires and lifestyle. This initial conversation is crucial for creating a space that not only meets your aesthetic preferences but also reflects the essence of hygge - warmth, coziness, and a sense of well-being. We consider the use of natural materials, soft lighting, and a neutral color palette, which are all key in invoking a serene and inviting atmosphere. Additionally, our attention to detail and craftsmanship ensures that every aspect of the design and construction process contributes to a feeling of comfort and contentment in your new bathroom.

How should one choose materials for a bathroom remodel to ensure durability and style?

Choosing materials for your bathroom remodel is a balance between functionality, and style. At HyggeHus, we recommend selecting materials that not only align with the aesthetics of hygge but also offer durability and ease of maintenance. For example, porcelain tiles for flooring and shower areas are both beautiful and highly resistant to moisture. Quartz countertops provide a stunning, durable surface that requires minimal upkeep. We also suggest considering the tactile feel of materials, as textures play a significant role in creating a cozy atmosphere that delights the senses.

What are some tips for budget planning for a bathroom remodel?

Effective budget planning for a bathroom remodel involves clear prioritization and a bit of flexibility. Start by setting a realistic budget that accounts for both your desires and potential unexpected costs. It's wise to allocate a portion of your budget for contingencies, usually 10-20%. Then, prioritize the changes that are most important to you, whether that's updating the shower, expanding storage, or upgrading fixtures. HyggeHus can help guide you through this process, offering creative solutions that align with your vision and budget, ensuring that your investment adds both value and joy to your home.

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