Making Notes

Budget It

Initially we meet and become acquainted with you and your project. We'll walk through the space to look at possibilities and listen intently to ensure we're hearing what your needs and expectation are for your space. You can buy a table for $50 at Walmart or $5,000 at Restoration Hardware- so for us to build the perfect “table” for you, we need to know what you want out of it;
-  How it will look and function 

-  Long term or short term use 

- Shape, height, etc., as well as how much you are willing/able to spend. 

- The mood you are trying to achieve

It helps if some prior thought has been given to ballparks and budgets. Take a look at our pricing page (under Planning Your Project) for average kitchen and bathroom costs. If not, however, we will give you a ballpark figure on site to help define the budget.

After we can agree on an expected budget for the work, we move on to the Design/Quote Agreement.

Design & Quote It

We are a combination of both designer and builder- we take the dreaming side of designing and architecture and the reality of building costs and meld the two processes together to end with a product that both suits your desires and budget. The first step we call the "Dream it stage" which is where we get a full picture of what you are hoping for with all the fine details, and in the second step we mold the entire project to fit your budget. Some elements may need to be adjusted to fit the overall budget. This process will take place entirely on our building software (Insert Link to CoConstruct Page Here)


We can give an exact quote once we have designed the project to your satisfaction.

After the design is done and the final project is quoted, it gets presented as a complete package, including; 3D renderings, construction documents, a detailed description of the scope of work, and an exact price for the work to be done.  At this point we can either move straight to the Remodeling Contract or we can stop. Either way, you will be given copies of the plans and conceptual drawings, our quote, and any other special preparations that we made on your behalf. If you decide not to move forward with HyggeHus, then we keep the fee for services rendered. If you do proceed with us, 100% of the fee will be put towards your downpayment. That is how much we value thorough pre-construction planning.

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Build It

We keep you informed of all pertinent information through our construction software. You can access daily job logs that show progress along with photos. You can email us directly and keep track of all conversation in one succinct location. You can access the schedule for your project and see both real time progress as well as knowing what is coming up. This helps especially for if you are ever to be out of town during a remodel, you'll be well informed on the daily of the progress.