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Thanksgiving at Home

Both of our extended families planned to celebrate with a Thanksgiving dinner on the weekend instead this year so we were able to spend the day with just the five of us working in the backyard. Finishing up our third year of business as Creative Carpentry, we find ourselves in a transition between having Zeke working away from home 5 - 7 days a week, leaving little time with the kids, and being back at home overseeing projects while our team completes them.

There's nothing like having him home again, teaching, bonding, modeling the trade and sharing tips as the kids play next to him. Their homeschooling with myself is slow with ebs and flows depending on how much they are absorbing from inspiration and interest, and with their dad, they learn so much within a short time because they thirst to drink in every word he shares when he's with them.

I walked around my yard watching the kids hammer nails into wood next to Zeke building a custom shelf, it was Thanksgiving and we were together, playing, learning and working. Total dream in reality moment, even with Zeke working well after dark.

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Celebrations and festivities bring so much magic out of us and I wonder why our every days aren't always like that too. Not that every day has to be full of wonder and magic and presents and rainbow stardust covered cupcakes that make us fly after we burp while eating them, but it's beautiful how the most effortless of things can change a kids day.

After Zeke slowly built a fire with the kids, giving them special tasks and letting them explore and find their boundaries, I brought out mini pecan crust pumpkin pies with whipped cream and pomegranates. If having a fire isn't magical enough, give some kids who have super minimal sweets at home some whipped cream and they are flying without needing to burp rainbow stardust covered cupcakes. So uncomplicated, so beautiful and the light in their eyes, yes, whipped cream much much more.

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So we are soon to be entering our fourth year as Creative Carpentry, and it's been hard, like really hard, and I feel so thankful for it. As much as I would love for it to have been easy from the start, we sure have a better understanding of what we feel is important, and what we want for life and are so grateful that we get to work towards that.

More family, more magic, more working and playing and learning swirling all together.

~ Be thankful ~

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