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Lunch Break with Dad

The kids and I walked towards the beautiful brick triplex where Zeke is installing hand crafted tapered columns to a small double decker landing and I wondered how they feel when they see our Creative Carpentry sign in the yard and their dad hard at work.

My dad was a house painter for all of my childhood and I remember visiting him on the job-site and feeling impressed by his confidence while leading the other painters on the project and listening to him explaining different techniques and why some are better or not for certain situations. Just today, as Zeke commented on the best way to paint alongside wood trim, I couldn't resist the urge to roll my eyes and say, " I know hunny, remember my dad was a painter for 25 years? ". Those little tips my dad passed on decades ago ring just as clear in my head today and now I get to be the one, along with Zeke, to exude the confidence that I saw in my dad in front of my kids. (cue Elton Johns "Circle of Life)


When you realize that even though it is spring and we're supposed to have 70 degree weather on Saturday, it is not yet Saturday and might even rain... thank goodness Dad is relentless about dressing in layers and having extras in the work truck.


When Zeke is pulled away from the house more to complete a job, bringing him lunch becomes an even more valued time in our day. The kids need to see him just as much as he needs to see them. Reconnecting midday is like a ray of sunshine, warm and full of light. Heading back home is always a bit hard, both kids have an incredible eagerness to stay and work with Zeke. Just a few more years kiddos, you'll get there...

Don't worry Dad, I totally got this one...

Just as Zeke learned tips from his dad, Milo is picking up some from his own. When you don't have three hands, you use your teeth!.... sometimes... but definitely not always...


Amaya leaves an imprint wherever we go, in the minds, in the hearts and in the keyholes, cracks and door-frames...

~Hello spring~


"We'll bring you lunch again tomorrow Dad"

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