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Happy Spring to You

Each new year is a surprise to us.

We find that we had virtually forgotten the note of each bird,

and when we hear it again, it is remembered like a dream,

reminding us of a previous state existence. . . .

The voice of nature is always encouraging.

-Henry David Thoreau


Tomorrow is the first day of spring. Winter's snow has all but vanished and the decay of last falls remnants have resurfaced, leaving the aromatic scent of earth in the air. The invigoration felt by those little specks of green peaking through the brown is palpable, just waiting to draw in the verdant spring air making its way to us this very moment.

Amaya and Milo picked through the decomposing grasses, weeds and gritty cold sand to collect, into their pockets, the tiny discarded shells from years past lake snails. They can see these a hundred times and it's like the discovery of a lost treasure every time.

You can even see evidence of the forest animals walking to the waters edge, testing the lakes ice for a crack in which they can take a taste of the water that has been frozen under a sheet of ice for so many months.

Quenching, warming, invigorating, sprouting, aromatic... that is spring.

Deer, raccoon, squirrel all feel it coming. Can you feel it too?

Happy last day of winter and beginning of the Spring Equinox, especially, to you...





Sometimes you need to stare into the wet-nosed, beady eyes of a scruffy-chinned goat and everything just makes sense again...



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