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Summer Perimeters

You planted your perfectly planned garden, watered the soil, pulled the weeds everyday for the last 5 weeks (do they ever stop sprouting?) and are finally able to watch your seedlings progress from little vulnerable stems to strong rooted plants ready to begin producing the fruits of their bearing. You walk into the backyard in the morning to check on that garden of which you are so very proud, only to see a herd of rabbits darting frantically out of the garden as they hear your footsteps.




NOOooooooooo! Goodbye bell peppers and year two of the strawberry crop that was finally budding so fully- the twenty onions are underground, so they can survive without a stem, right, RIGHT???

Why didn't I build a fence yet?


Before pictures included here

This fence doubles as the garden's fence and alley side perimeter of the yard equipped with a gate fastened to the chainlink fence between the properties. Latch access, easy

enough for a cute little 5 year old to open and close by herself.

No detail too small!

~All the small details~

~Finishing touches~

We caught one of the ferrel beasts nibbling at the seedlings before we even left the instillation. I tell you folks, this fence will protect your plants from the most ravenous of creatures.

Metal fencing is 1/2 Inch Mesh Hardware Cloth

If you don't have a garden in your yard, this fence serves well as a kids play pen too. Kidding! But really guys, look how happy they are in there! Kick back, drink a glass of iced tea and let your kids play for hours in the best and oldest backyard play feature around- Earth.


I've come to realize it is impossible for this man to say no when someone (like a neighbor) comes to ask him for his help, even when it is as we are packing the kids in the car to go back home to eat after working. See ya later hunny. That is just one of the reasons I love him so very deeply.

#Husby goals



Oh hey look! The loves of my life!



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