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Budget It

Initially we meet with you in your home to get acquainted with you and the the project.  It helps if some prior thought has been given to ballparks and budgets. We can help guide you, but this decision is personal and reflects your own tastes, wants, and financial ability.  You can buy a table for $50 at Walmart or $5,000 at Restoration Hardware- for us to build the perfect “table” for you, we need to know what you can put into it, and what you want out of it;
-  How it will look and function 

-  Long term or short term use 

- Shape, height, etc., as well as how much you are willing/able to spend. 

- The mood you are trying to achieve

After we can agree on a budget for the work, we move on to the Design/Quote Agreement.

back porch addition framing model~.jpeg

Design & Quote It

As we design your job, we intentionally make decisions that enable us to achieve your desired mood and aesthetic, while keeping us within the budget. We draw everything into a 3D model and once we have it picture perfect, we can give an exact quote of the entire project.

The fee for the design/quote

process is as followed:


$5000 -   $20k

 $20K    -  $100k

$100k   - $250k

$250k  - $500k


$1,000  flat rate

5% of Budget/Estimate

$3,000    +  2% of the B/E 

$5,5000 +   1% of the B/E


Build It

Everything gets presented as a complete package, including; 3D renderings, construction documents, a detailed description of the scope of work, and an exact price for the work to be done.  At this point we can either move straight to the Remodeling Contract or we can stop. Either way, you will be given copies of the plans and conceptual drawings, our quote, and any other special preparations that we made on your behalf. If you decide not to move forward with Creative Carpentry, then we keep the fee for services rendered. If you do proceed with us, 100% OF THE FEE WILL BE PUT TOWARDS YOUR DOWNPAYMENT. That is how much we value a thorough pre-construction process.